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Top 10 Best Hims Sprays to Last Longer In Bed

Discover the top-rated Hims sprays for men, designed to help you last longer in bed and maximize sensation.

In today's fast-paced world, finding ways to enhance intimacy can be a challenge. Fortunately, Hims sprays offer a discreet and effective solution for men looking to improve their sexual performance. We have evaluated the top products in the market and compiled a list of the best Hims sprays to help you last longer in bed, intensifying your pleasure and elevating your overall satisfaction.

Hims Spray: Numbing Climax Spray for Ultimate Enduring Performance Hims Spray: Numbing Climax Spray for Ultimate Enduring Performance


  • Targeted formula effectively reduces sensitivity and delays climax.
  • Compact and discreet design allows for easy application.


  • May require reapplication for desired results.
  • Some users report mild numbing sensation.

Introducing Hims Duration Delay Spray, the revolutionary solution for men seeking enhanced control and endurance during intimate encounters. Formulated with a powerful blend of numbing agents, this spray effectively desensitizes the penis, delaying climax and enabling you to enjoy extended pleasure.

The Hims Duration Delay Spray features an innovative formula that is designed to reduce sensitivity gradually, providing you with a controlled and pleasurable experience. Its compact and discreet design makes it convenient to carry and apply, ensuring you're always prepared for intimate moments.

Hims Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men: Enhanced Pleasure, Prolonged Climax Hims Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men: Enhanced Pleasure, Prolonged Climax


  • Clinically-proven formula intelligently targets receptor cells, providing the perfect balance of desensitization.
  • Water-based and transparent, with no sticky or greasy residue


  • Requires application 10 minutes prior to intercourse.
  • May cause a slight tingling sensation.

Indulge in heightened sensations and extended moments of pleasure with Hims Desensitizing Delay Spray. This water-based formula gently desensitizes the skin, enabling you to better enjoy the intimacy while delaying climax. Its discreet application and residue-free nature provide a seamless and comfortable experience.

Specifically designed for men, this delay spray has been clinically tested and proven to effectively prolong ejaculation. The optimized formula targets key receptors, delivering precise desensitization without compromising sensation. Experience a newfound confidence in your intimate moments, as Hims empowers you to last longer and intensify each encounter.

Climax Control Delay Spray: Enhance Your Intimate Encounters Climax Control Delay Spray: Enhance Your Intimate Encounters


  • Empowered with Benzocaine, a trusted active ingredient for genital desensitization.
  • Precisely engineered to prolong sexual experiences and elevate satisfaction.
  • Convenient and discrete application for a heightened intimate connection.


  • Individual results may vary, and some users may experience differing levels of effectiveness.
  • Application may require experimentation to determine the optimal dosage for personal preferences.

Indulge in enhanced intimacy with Climax Control Delay Spray. This meticulously crafted formula harnesses the power of Benzocaine, a proven desensitizing agent, to help men and couples prolong their intimate encounters. Its potency lies in its ability to temporarily reduce sensitivity, allowing for a more pleasurable and extended experience.

Discreet and easy to use, Climax Control Delay Spray empowers you to take control of your sexual well-being. Simply apply the spray to the desired areas and allow it to work its magic. Whether you seek to enhance your stamina, improve your performance, or simply elevate your intimate moments, this innovative spray is your solution. Embrace the heightened pleasure and profound satisfaction that Climax Control Delay Spray offers, and experience lovemaking like never before.

hims Male Genital Desensitizer Spray hims Male Genital Desensitizer Spray


  • Offers precise application and targeted desensitization
  • Discreet and easy to use, providing a convenient solution for personal needs


  • Some users may experience temporary skin irritation
  • May not be suitable for everyone

hims Male Genital Desensitizer Spray is a revolutionary product designed to enhance your intimate experiences. With its innovative formula and user-friendly design, this spray empowers you to customize your sensitivity levels for maximum pleasure. Its targeted application allows for precise desensitization, giving you the control you desire. Whether you seek to prolong arousal or explore new sensations, hims spray empowers you to unlock your full potential for satisfaction. Its discreet packaging and simple application ensure privacy and convenience, making it the perfect solution for your personal needs.

While some users may experience temporary skin irritation, the overall benefits of hims spray far outweigh any minor discomfort. It's important to carefully follow the instructions and discontinue use if irritation occurs. For the vast majority of users, hims spray provides a safe and effective way to enhance their intimate experiences. If you're looking for a reliable and discreet solution to take control of your pleasure, hims Male Genital Desensitizer Spray is the perfect choice.

HIMSCLI Spray for Men (3-Pack) HIMSCLI Spray for Men (3-Pack)


  • Experience enhanced control and endurance with our potent formula
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring a comfortable experience
  • Easy-to-use spray format allows for precise application


  • May cause temporary numbness if applied excessively
  • Storage requirements include keeping the product away from children

Elevate your intimate encounters with HIMSCLI Spray, the ultimate solution for extending pleasure and increasing satisfaction. Crafted with a specially formulated blend of ingredients, this spray effectively desensitizes, allowing you to prolong the act and intensify the experience.

HIMSCLI Spray not only enhances your performance but also ensures your comfort throughout. Its non-toxic and hypoallergenic composition guarantees a safe and pleasurable experience, free from any irritation or discomfort. The convenient spray format empowers you with precise application, targeting the desired areas for maximum impact. As a result, you can confidently embrace intimacy with renewed confidence and heightened pleasure.

Hims Spray: Enhance Intimate Moments with Ultimate Control Hims Spray: Enhance Intimate Moments with Ultimate Control


  • Effectively delays climax, allowing for prolonged pleasure
  • Contains Lidocaine for a numbing sensation, enhancing control
  • Discreet design for convenient use in intimate settings
  • Easy application with mess-free spray bottle


  • May cause temporary numbness or tingling sensation
  • Not suitable for individuals with hypersensitivity to Lidocaine

Hims Delay Spray empowers men with unparalleled control over their intimate experiences. Its innovative formula, featuring Lidocaine, delivers a numbing sensation that effectively delays climax, enhancing mutual satisfaction. The discreet design and convenient spray bottle make it an easy addition to any bedside table, while the mess-free application ensures effortless use.

With Hims Delay Spray, couples can fully immerse themselves in the moment without the worry of premature climax. Its reliable performance fosters a heightened connection and allows both partners to experience ultimate pleasure. Whether you're seeking to prolong intimacy or simply explore new levels of sensation, Hims Delay Spray is an exceptional choice. Its ability to delay climax naturally, combined with the added control it provides, makes it a must-have for those looking to elevate their intimate experiences.

Dynamo Delay Spray, Pack of 2 - Iconic Delay Ejection Spray -... Dynamo Delay Spray, Pack of 2 - Iconic Delay Ejection Spray -...


  • Clinically proven to prolong climax and enhance satisfaction
  • Discreet and easy-to-use spray format
  • Non-irritating formula, ensuring comfort during use


  • May not be suitable for individuals with certain skin sensitivities
  • Effects may vary based on individual factors

Experience unparalleled climax control with Dynamo Delay Spray. This clinically tested spray boasts a non-irritating formula, providing a comfortable and discreet solution for enhanced sexual performance. Its potent ingredients effectively prolong climax, allowing you to savor the moment and Elevate Your Performance to new heights. The convenient spray format ensures effortless application and optimal results. Whether you're seeking to impress your partner or simply enhance your own pleasure, Dynamo Delay Spray empowers you with confidence and control.

Although some may experience skin sensitivity, Dynamo Delay Spray's benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Embrace the transformative power of this iconic delay spray and elevate your sexual experiences to the next level. Its effects may vary depending on individual factors, but the overall satisfaction and extended pleasure it provides are undeniable. Dynamo Delay Spray is the ultimate solution for those seeking to unlock their intimate potential and achieve the climax control they've always desired.

Hims Desensitizing Spray: Climax Control for Extended Lovemaking Hims Desensitizing Spray: Climax Control for Extended Lovemaking


  • Elevates sexual endurance, allowing prolonged intimate experiences
  • Enhances sensation by maintaining arousal levels, intensifying pleasure


  • Does not have a numbing effect, which some may prefer
  • May not be suitable for individuals with highly sensitive skin

Hims Desensitizing Spray empowers you with ultimate climax control. Whether you aim to intensify your own pleasure, enhance your partner's experience, or simply prolong those intimate moments, Hims has got you covered. Experience elevated sexual endurance, ensuring lasting connections and mutual satisfaction. Embrace uninhibited lovemaking with Hims, your trusted companion for unforgettable experiences.

This spray's unique formula not only delays ejaculation but also enhances sensation, amplifying your pleasure. Applied locally, it maintains arousal levels, preventing premature climax. However, it does not numb, allowing you to fully experience the ecstasy of intimacy. Embrace longer-lasting, more fulfilling lovemaking experiences with Hims Desensitizing Spray, designed specifically to maximize enjoyment and connection.

Hims Desensitizing Topical Spray for Enhanced Pleasure and Control Hims Desensitizing Topical Spray for Enhanced Pleasure and Control


  • Formulated with Lidocaine to prolong climax and boost endurance
  • Easy-to-use topical spray format for quick and precise application
  • Discreet and private packaging for maximum comfort and confidentiality
  • Trusted by men seeking to enhance their sexual performance and satisfaction
  • Favored for its fast-acting formula and noticeable results


  • Some individuals may experience slight sensitivity or irritation
  • Effectiveness may vary depending on individual physiology

Indulge in unparalleled pleasure and control with the Hims Desensitizing Topical Spray, meticulously crafted to enhance your intimate experiences. This innovative spray harnesses the power of Lidocaine, a trusted topical anesthetic, to effectively prolong your climax and amplify your endurance. Its user-friendly spray format ensures effortless and precise application, allowing you to confidently embrace your desires.

The Hims Desensitizing Topical Spray empowers you with discretion and privacy, discreetly packaged for your comfort and confidentiality. Trusted by men seeking to elevate their sexual performance and satisfaction, this spray has garnered accolades for its fast-acting effects and noticeable results. Whether you aspire to intensify your sensations, prolong your pleasure, or simply enhance your overall sexual experience, the Hims Desensitizing Topical Spray is the ultimate solution. Embrace heightened pleasure and control with this revolutionary spray, designed to transform your intimate moments into unforgettable encounters.

JO Prolonger Spray for Him - A Sexual Aid for Lasting Longer JO Prolonger Spray for Him - A Sexual Aid for Lasting Longer


  • Intensifies sensation and delays ejaculation.
  • Suitable for all skin types and provides long-lasting effects.


  • Some users may experience mild skin irritation.
  • Results may vary depending on individual sensitivity.

Introducing JO Prolonger Spray, an intimate care product designed to help men enhance their sexual experiences. This spray contains a unique blend of ingredients that work to prolong intercourse by reducing sensitivity and increasing arousal. It's easy to use, simply apply the spray to the head of the penis 5-15 minutes before intercourse and allow it to absorb.

The key ingredient in JO Prolonger Spray is lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that works by blocking nerve impulses and reducing sensation. This helps to delay ejaculation and allows you to enjoy intercourse for longer. The spray also contains aloe vera and vitamin E, which help to soothe and moisturize the skin. JO Prolonger Spray is safe for all skin types and is free from parabens and dyes. It's also water-based, so it's easy to clean up after use.

Our comprehensive guide provides detailed information on each Hims spray, including its key features, user reviews, and unique benefits. Whether you're seeking a long-lasting climax, increased sensitivity, or enhanced stamina, we have you covered. By choosing the right Hims spray, you can unlock a new level of intimacy and confidence in the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Hims spray for men?

Based on user reviews and expert recommendations, the top-rated Hims spray is Duration Delay Spray, known for its effectiveness and long-lasting results.

Do Hims sprays contain harmful ingredients?

Hims sprays are formulated with high-quality ingredients that are generally safe for topical use. However, it's important to read the product label carefully and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

How long does it take for Hims sprays to work?

The onset time of Hims sprays can vary depending on the individual. Some products provide immediate results, while others may take a few minutes to take effect.

Can Hims sprays be used with condoms?

Yes, Hims sprays are compatible with condoms. Make sure to apply the spray before putting on the condom for maximum effectiveness.

Where can I buy Hims sprays?

Hims sprays are available for purchase on the official Hims website and various online retailers.

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